Hark! Winter is coming! Why not getting ready with some art projects? Do you marvel the beauty of snow? Or do you marvel the beauty of pine trees? Create your own magical atmosphere of winter by creating wintery watercolor forest. Simply follow the steps below:


  • Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Watercolor paints (ivory black and phthalo green)
  • Watercolor paper

The steps:

  1. Make your value scale

Before you start painting a forest of watercolor pine trees, you better create a value scale as your color reference later. Make the scale on a scrap piece of watercolor paper. This scale will also help you track your value as you are working with your project. Creating value scale will absolutely be helpful for you.

  1. Start with light wash

Take a look at you value scale and use the lightest value for this step. Using that light wash, paint a row of trees. It is suggested to make the trees hardly visible and very subtle. Start painting the trees from the top of your paper and end that near the bottom third. Wait it until dries.

  1. Continue with Second Medium Wash

Now, works with the second value from your scale. Use the middle value to paint another row of trees on top of the first one. Make sure that this line of trees is now darker and more noticeable from the first one. Use the same steps: start from the top and end at the bottom of the paper. Let it dry.

  1. End with the Third Dark Wash

Last but not least, use your darkest value. Now, paint the third row of trees on top of the first two rows. Make sure the tops of trees in the third row starts below the second one. The painting of this third row must be much darker than the other two to make it stand out. Still with the same directions, start painting it from the top all the way to the bottom of your paper.

  1. Draw Some Few More

The watercolor pine trees will look better and greater when it comes as a group. Therefore, paint a few more pine trees using the same steps above (light – medium – dark).

  1. Frame Them

The last step would be framing your painting. After letting the paints dry, you can start framing them. Use any kind of frame of your choice. Then, set your paintings up together to beautify your shelf or table. And now, you are ready to welcome the magical winter with your wintery masterpiece!