There are surely lots of tricks and tips on how to use watercolor for painting. If you think you have mastered some of the basic and fundamental techniques in watercolor painting, now is the time to raise the bar by learning some tips on watercolor painting like a pro. Get the list of the tips below:

Conduct a Color Study

Do conduct a color study before starting your actual painting. This color study will help you find the best accuracy of the shades of the color that your need in your painting. Conduct this color study in a small scale. 4 x6 inches or even smaller range is enough. You don’t need to make a perfect painting for this color study. Your focus should rely more on figuring out how the colors embody your painting’s message and point of interest.

Understanding Watercolor as a Medium

There seems a misunderstanding among watercolor painters about the quantity of water on the painting brushes. Many painters think that the more the water on the brush, the better the final result of the painting. The fact is this is so wrong. Watercolor is all about the speed of water to evaporate on the paper surface. This means that you really need to take humidity and weather at the moment you are drawing into account.

Be Experimental

Watercolor painting is an art, meaning that there are no exact rules to create a beautiful piece of watercolor painting. Thus, doing many experiments with colors, techniques, and approach to watercolor painting will never do you bad. Do that applying paint generously on your watercolor paper or scraping paper surface, or other new things that most of painters haven’t tried. Just have fun!

Know What to Do First

Many people have said that we need to start painting from light to dark. However, as stated in the previous tip, there is no definite rule about how you should approach your watercolor painting. There have been many painters creating amazing pieces of painting by painting it from darkest to the lightest color. You can even start painting from the point of interest of your painting then continue on the background.

To sum up, let’s underline the sentence saying watercolor painting is an art once more. To be a pro, you need to explore many new things. By doing so, you are more likely to find new techniques, approaches, and shades of colors that you have never thought of before.