We are going to face December, and December identic with Christmas. People will be ready to decorate their home, Christmas tree, making a statue of Santa Claus or a deer. It will take a time to create duplicate of deer. However, you are able to make a deer from string. Below, we will explain the steps.

What You Need

  • Chalkboard paint
  • 1 inch wire nails, frankly you only need one, but sometimes you should buy a pack.
  • 1 round cross-cut wooden plaque
  • Hammer, you do not need a big one
  • Nails, the number depends on how big your sketch is.
  • For tracing, use pencil and paper
  • Embroidery floss or string, we suggest you to use strings even though some site recommends floss

The Making Steps

  • Find a sketch of deer. You can draw it or search it from Internet. Make sure that you make with an appropriate scale or size. Apply two layers of chalkboard paint to cover the wooden plaque. Leave it to dry in a night. After you find the sketch, place it in the centre of plaque. Make sure that you put in the right position, whether it is horizontal or vertical depends on your perspective. Then, use a piece of tape to secure it from any unnecessary movement.
  • Grab your nails and hammer them into the plauqe throughout the edge of your silhouette. We suggest you to make them a thumbs-width apart. It will help you to use nails efficiently and hold the nails easily. We are sure that you will face the difficulty when you make the edges around the antlers. Do not worry, we have the solution. We suggest you to place the nails closer than other parts.
  • After it is nailed, you can let go the paper stencil and make a tie at the end of the embroidery floss around a nail. Then, make sure the embroidery floss is well covered around the edges until you finally outlined them all. It is now good for you to continue in the middle part by filling Make sure to hoke the floss opposing nails and around.
  • After you fill the center, tie the string on a nail. Then, you nearly finish. The nailing may be dull, but it will strengthen your the nails and strings.

It is a beautiful craft, isn’t it? It does not need much time. You do not need to spend much money to give it to your dearest one or family. So, spend you weekend to make the beautiful deer string.