This is not only a fund and easy project. It actually makes you believe that you can be good in art as well. Even though it is super easy, the result is stunning and very artsy. You can actually proudly send your art works for your loved ones as postcards too. Learn here to do it like a maestro.

What You Need

  • 4×6 inch watercolor paper, cut to three same pieces for postcards
  • Leaf colors watercolor palette, moist them into liquid texture
  • Paintbrush
  • Chopstick, or pen or anything similar in alternatives
  • Toothbrush
  • 2 little paintbrushes for painting the trunk

The Making Steps

  • Make sure the watercolor paint reaches the right liquid texture in which it isn’t too thick to splash and spatter. Saturate your brush on the first green color you like.
  • Take the chopstick and hit it with your paintbrush on the top. It will spatter the pain on your paper. Add some more color to enrich the leaves shade. Using the same technique, spatter the paint on the paper.
  • Add several paint blobs on several spots of the tree. Then, blow it from the top so they all go to the down side.
  • Now, let’s add paint miss on the tree. Take the toothbrush and apply a little paint on it. Then, stroke the toothbrush bristle so the paint spreads as shown in the image. Bristle the brush right over the tree.

Now, you have the first tree shape ready.

  • You can also make the tree shape using the brush first. Using the same technique, add some paint on the toothbrush and stroke the bristle over a clean paper.

Then, finish the shape with the paintbrush using the same hitting technique as before.

  • Now, let’s make the trunk. This is the most fun part of this art project. Below the tree, paint a simple trunk and continue making braches up with abstract finish for more consistent look.
  • Then, for a little depth on the tree, you can add more green on several spots. However, this step is totally okay to skip if you don’t want to do it.
  • If you want to make it as a postcards, it will be appropriate to add some writings and doodles on it for a more decorative touch. However, it is already great without the additional details and it makes them perfect arts to hang with frames.