Are you looking a cute DIY or peculiar door stopper? Congratulation, you are in the right page. We are going to give explanation how to make a no-sew sock snowman. It requires a simple technique and it do not need a high skill to do it. So, we will try to explain some steps to do it:

What You Need:

  • Orange Pom poms
  • Rubber Bands
  • Colourful Buttons, you can choose many buttons.
  • Ribbons
  • Glue Gun
  • Markers or paint
  • 1 white socks
  • 1 socks which the colour is similar with the hat
  • Rice

The Making Steps:

  • If you see the black sock, it is just the example. We suggest you to use white socks for a better result. Let us begin by filling your white socks with rice. You need a heavy amount in a sock. You can make funnel using paper, as you can see on the picture for the clear information. It will help you to fill it fast.
  • After you think that the size is appropriate, tie the top with the rubber band. Grab another rubber band and put it in the middle, precisely upper side of the sock, and form it the head shape. Make it carefully, it will influence the result whether it is weird or not.
  • Glue the buttons to the bottom side. You can use the glue gun for the good result or glue dots have a good result too.
  • If you do not have a skill in drawing, you can make sketch of mouth and eyes with pencil. However, drawing the mouth and eyes with black paint or black marker will save your time and work efficiently.
  • You can explore your idea on your craft. We suggest you to add or draw pink cheeks (Crayola painter is the best option. If you have idea and it is good looking, put it on your craft. Moreover, if you need idea, we put two oranges pom poms for the nose. I think it is lovely idea.
  • Use a ribbon for the scarf and glue it. Glue Dots and glue gun are the best solution. You are able to cut the unnecessary white socks part. And the sock is ready for the gift.

It is a lovely idea to spend your weekend. After you know this, you will not have boring time in your life. Read the instruction and invite your dearest one to make it together.