This craft is very easy to do and is a great project for those who can’t sew very well. The result is cute too. It can be a gift for your little kid while it will make an excellent part of a winter decoration. Follow the guide below.


  • 1 black sock
  • 1 color sock for the hat
  • Ribbons
  • White and orange felt
  • Thread or rubber bands
  • Rice
  • Scissors
  • Paint or markers
  • Felt glue
  • Glue gun

The Making Steps

1Take the black sock and the rice. Fill the black soc with rice. You can use a paper to fill the sock as seen in picture. Add enough rice in the sock, until you are satisfied with the rough shape of the sock. When you are done filling, tie the sock at the top part with at least two rubber bands to secure the shape. Don’t tie to tight because you’re going need to squeeze it a little later.

2When the top part is secured, take another pair of rubber bands and tie a little over the middle part of the sock. This will separate the body and the head. Using a pair of rubber bands will be great to secure the shape. Don’t tie too tight. It only needs to shape one big ball and one smaller for the head.

3Now, take the scissor and cut the excess sock and secure the top using the glue gun. Take the white felt and cut and oval shape of it. Make sure you get the right size by measuring it against the penguin body. Attach the oval shape into the body using the glue gun or the felt gun. Both are great alternatives.

4Take the orange felt and cut a beak for the penguin. Attach the beak to penguin head using glue gun or felt gun. Then, draw eyes for the penguin using paint or markers. If you want to, you can also cut a little pair of eyes from the remaining black sock and attach it using the felt gun.

5Now, let’s add more detail on the penguin. Take the ribbon and measuring it by wrapping it around the penguin neck. Cut the required length and attach the ribbon on the penguin. Use both of the glues for the best attach and position. Last, cut the middle part of the red sock and roll it as a hat. Attach the hat on the penguin head. Now, your penguin is ready.