To view a scene in three different schemes including light, middle, and dark tones is probably one of the best ways to create painting with lose details. The following tips include techniques to achieve such image in faster way comparing to other ways can offer you. It takes a little time to learn while it makes suitable techniques for a novice as well. Read below and see if you can learn something from the tips.

Step 1

You should start from drawing the sketches from the photo reference. This may sound simple but it’s not. The most popular technique will be blocking on larger objects on the photograph. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it takes good proportion planning. This technique is possible to do with multiple large shapes as well in the frame.

For the best skill level in sketching, it is highly recommended for you to repeat making sketches. Repeating this process will allow you to gain more sense for proportion and perfection on the entire aspects while you can develop a lot more realistic sketch over time.

Step 2

Now, let’s squint on the painting scene. The rocky shore appears as light, light-struck area on the tents and casino wall, and the sky. With this large shape, there are many opportunities for you to lose the edges. There are white boats on the water, sunny day atmosphere, and a white casino building on the frame, and this can be a trap for the painter.

Finish them on dark shade for realistic finish, and don’t worry about losing edges. The intricate step is that a half of the white casino building and those white boats will be on the shadow so they are also parts of the first middle wash.

Step 3

Now, it is time to add the darker value I the painting. You should start with the boats. It makes sure they reappear on the scene. Add some darks on the pier and under that for reflections. It effectively separates the pier from the water. For a little interest, you can add some darkness on the flags, palm trees, and the windows. Now, you start to get the real image showing up.

The next step will be finishing the rest of the painting with the colors you want to use. This last step should be simpler once you finished these three steps to make separation of the picture.