Are you looking for a fun and creative craft for your kids? This DIY project on making balloon bowls would be a great idea to try. With simple materials to use and few steps to do, you can make another accessory for your party or fun times. Find out the materials needed and steps below:


  • Balloons
  • Pin
  • Confetti or recycled paper sheets
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Mod Podge
  • Hole punch (if needed)

The steps:

  • In this first step, prepare your confetti. If you don’t have any ready confetti to use, you can simply cut scrap paper into small pieces or into tiny squares. In doing this, you have two choices of tools to use: either a pair of scissors or a hole punch. Choose any tool based on how you want your confetti to be.
  • Next, make the first layer. To do this, blow up the balloons first. Then, set the inflated balloon on a pie pan to keep it from moving. One thing you need to make sure in this step is to have the end of the balloon knot away from you.
  • Then, glue the top of the balloon. Spread the glue all over the balloon’s surface using a paint brush. After that, sprinkle the confetti on the glue.
  • Now, add more layers to the balloon. But, before adding the layers, make sure the first layer is dry already. Add the additional layers with glue and then confetti sprinkled on it. Adding more layers will make the bowl sturdier. One tip for this step: softly press down the balloon with a book if you wish the bowl to have a flatter bottom.
  • Next, be ready to pop the balloon! It is the fun (although) scary part of this process. Pop the balloon using either the tip of a pen or a pin.
  • After popping the balloon, make the edges of the balloon’s edges tidy by trimming them. Trim away all the excess pieces of the balloon’s edges. Doing so will clear the rough edges away.
  • Voila! There you have your handmade balloon bowl! Now you are ready to store your favorite stuff inside it!

Doing this DIY balloon bowl project seems to be killing two birds with one stone. While you can keep the quite vibe and peace of your house, you can also make your kids busily learning to craft and training their creativity. Try it soon!