Painting with watercolors doesn’t necessarily to be difficult not complicated. If you want to learn how to paint with watercolor, you can start painting the things in your kitchen for your exercise. One of the things you can choose to have a quick painting exercise is painting a lemon. Get the painting guides below:


  • Pencil
  • Wax crayon resist or liquid frisket
  • Painting paper
  • Brushes
  • Soap (to protect your brush)
  • Watercolor paint: yellow ochre, green, purple, lemon yellow, light red, green
  • Hairdryer
  • Eraser
  • Water
  • Tissue

The steps:

  • To begin with, draw a quick outline of the lemon by making a circle-ish shape on the center of your paper using your pencil.
  • Then, preserve some white areas on the paper by applying liquid frisket. But, before doing that, cover your brush with soap to protect it.
  • Next, start the painting by mixing the color on the paper. It’s going to be painting wet in wet. To paint, use the colors of green, a little bit purple, yellow ochre, lemon yellow, and light red. Don’t forget to mimic the look of sliced lemon.
  • Next, load your brush with a little bit of yellow shade to make a reflection. Paint a reflected color on the left side of the lemon.
  • Then, brush a little bit darker yellow shade to the top left part of the lemon to give a bit more reflection. Continue it all the way around the lemon.
  • Now take your hairdryer to fasten the process of drying the paint between layers. Add some more coats to the lemon if you think the color needs to be a bit brighter or darker. Then, dry the paint again with hairdryer.
  • Next, take off the liquid frisket with an eraser.
  • Then, soften the edges around the white areas using water and a stiff brush.
  • Next, add some highlight to the lemon by brushing off color using the same stiff brush. Absorb the excess water with tissue when needed. Work all the way around the lemon round shape.
  • Finally, add some texture to the lemon by painting some green dots. Again, dry the paint using tissue.

That’s it! Painting with watercolor should no longer be fearsome to you. You can always start learning how to paint by imitating the look of the things around you, like this lemon. Now is the time for you to display your masterpiece!