Hello there new comers in watercolor painting! You just came to the right place to get started with your watercolor painting journey. If you don’t have any single idea how to start the painting, what you need to do is simply following every tip presented below. Watercolor painting will no longer be daunting from now on!

Invest in A Nice Watercolor Paints Set

Save some of your money to buy high quality set of watercolor paints. You don’t need to break a bank though, just buy the good starter set of watercolor paints. As there are two types of watercolor paints: dried cakes of watercolor and tubes of paint, the type of paint you need to buy is up to your preference. What is important is that you have to have blue, black, red, and yellow colors in your watercolor set.

Allocate Your Money to Purchase a Few Good Brushes

To start your watercolor painting journey, you don’t need to purchase bunches of brushes. Just buy a few that has high quality. For your basic level of watercolor painting, round brush is actually enough. Not only is it very useful, it is also versatile. However, if you think you have more bucks, you can go with a complete starter pack of brushes that consist of one small round brush (for detailing), medium round brush, one larger round brush, one “mop” type brush (for washing) and one medium flat brush.

Know What Kind of Color to Paint

Paper is not just a paper in watercolor painting. Choosing the wrong kind of paper will lead you to great disservice. Buy a watercolor paper that is specifically design to absorb watercolor’s moisture. Choosing just any paper to do watercolor painting will result in being frustrated with the result that can unevenly dry.

Buy a Good Palette

Choosing a good palette is as important as selecting the best watercolor set and paper. Palette is a must in watercolor painting as you will use it to mix your watercolor paints. There are two kinds of palette that you can choose based on your preference: the one with individual wells to mix various colors and the flat one with a ceramic tile or plate. Either way, just choose the palette providing you enough room to mix colors that you need for your painting.

Before commencing your journey on watercolor painting, ask yourself about what you really need and what you prefer in the painting. Once you are sure with those things, you can just simply go to nearby painting store, do the purchase, and you are ready to embark your painting experience!