If you are looking for a beautiful but easy DIY watercolor painting project, you are at the right place! Here we present you the tutorial on making DIY galaxy cityscape using watercolor. This watercolor painting is suitable for both novices and beginners. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go!


  • Watercolor paper (the cold pressed and Arches 140 lb. ones). Cut the paper to the size of 5” x 7”
  • Masking fluid
  • A set of watercolor paints (in this example, Sakura Koi is used plus the Turquoise Blue one from Dr. Ph. Acrylic paint in white shade (Golden Paints with Titanium White shade from High Flow Acrylic Pain)
  • Black ink (Sumi ink or other similar ink)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Salt
  • Round Paintbrush #3
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Ruler
  • Micro pen size #5
  • Pencil

The Steps:

  • Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture below (the ruler and pencil are not shown)
  • Using your pencil and ruler, make pencil marks of the cityscape. To start, horizontally draw a line first to make the base. Then, continue sketching the buildings by freehand painting. Make the sketch free and loose to make them look better.
  • Take your painter’s tape and tape the line of the base over. Use painter’s paper rather than other kinds of tapes because it is low last so it won’t damage the paper when you remove it. Then, take off the masking fluid to brush all the building sketches. Let it dry.
  • Next is the fun time which is making the skies as the background of the galaxy! To start, brush some water to make your paper wet. Then, dab the shade of blue on the page. Add a bit push to the brush to paint natural flow. The sky color is blue; however, you can also use green, pink, and purple too give your sky more variety. As you paint the sky, form the colors. To deepen and make your sky more interesting, add Turquoise Blue in Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus watercolor.
  • Add more touch to the night sky by brushing black ink (the sumi ink) on there. The amount of black ink that you need is one or two spots only. Don’t worry if you think you put too much ink as it’s much pigmented and is thus being over taken by the paint.
  • Next, while the paint is not yet dry, add more touch to your sky by adding few small drops of rubbing alcohol using a paintbrush. The alcohol will form lighter spots. Then, take some salt and sprinkle it in different areas on the paint that is still wet. The salt will help you a lot make lovely texture when it is dry. When it is dry, brush all the salt away.
  • Next, paint the galaxy sky with Golden Paints fluid acrylic and paintbrush to flow the paint to paint the stars. Add a little bit shimmer by adding silver or gold paint. Then, add small spots on random places to make the small starts and wider spots for the bigger stars. Let the paint dry and then take off the masking fluid with eraser.
  • Then, using fine point felt tip black pen, draw some houses.