Kind of in a summer mood? Let’s think about the ocean and the boats, and make it into a decent painting. With proper selection on the paints and appropriate technique, the painting will be a possible project to do. Try this guide for an example.

What You Need for This Art Project

  • 10×14 inch cold pressed watercolor paper
  • #12 large round brush
  • #8 medium round brush
  • #4 small round brush with fine tip

Colors to Use

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Prussian Green
  • Naples Yellow
  • Phtalo Blue
  • Venetian Red
  • Cadmium Red

*Prussian Green and Phtalo Blue will be used for the water so feel free to replace them with other alternatives as long as they are greenish and blue with bright finish

Painting Steps

  1. Make the Pencil Sketch

We need a contour drawing before we start painting. Your preliminary pencil sketch is subtle if it is light enough so you can barely see it on the paper as you can see it on the image.

  1. Painting the Sky

First, wet the paper with water just above the horizon and wait until the water is a bit absorbed. Use a bigger brush and make light brushstrokes to form the clouds with Naples Yellow. Finish the clouds top with Cobalt Blue. Soften several of the edges for more balance and add shadow on the clouds using a mixture of Cadmium Red and Cobalt Blue.

  1. Painting the Water

For this, we will use the big brush. Using wet-on-dry technique, make the first pass with Phtalo Blue that has been diluted. Continue with skimming over the painting very lightly. Use the side hair for this. Then, mix the Phtalo Blue and Prussian Green and apply it thick to create deeper foreground on the painting. Make it with fast brushstrokes.

  1. Painting the Waves and Background

You can paint hills for the background. The mixture of Naples Yellow and Cobalt Blue with a drop of Cadmium Red will make decent shade. Soften the edges to give it a distance illusion. You can start adding waves with brighter and bigger brushstrokes for the ripples and waves. Make sure the ocean is dry enough when you start.

  1. Painting the Boats

The mixture of Venetian Red and Cadmium Red will make perfect color for the accent. Use the small and medium brush to paint it. Make sure you don’t redefine the figures to make natural look. A few strokes on the foreground will set it up front while adding the hills value will make it stands out as well.