Almost all kids love the idea of space and galaxy, and probably spaceships and aliens too. Painting it will be a great activity to do, not to mention the good-looking décor it makes. The following tutorial will give you easy painting steps for you and your kids to do. The materials are easy to find, while the techniques are pieces of cake. Try it out.


  • Painting media, preferably in black
  • Acrylic paint; black for the background, a few hues of blue, magenta, purple, gold or yellow or ochre, and white
  • Small paint brush
  • Washing sponge, cut into smaller pieces
  • Water, or no water at all

The Making Steps

1If you use plain media, you need to finish it with black paint first and let it dry. If the media is black already, you can start painting. First, you can start making abstract painting of clouds using blue and purple or any other colors you see fit. This time, use the paint brush for a specific result and look of the clouds.

2Add big drops of the paint. Using the sponge, blend the colors to make another version of abstract of nebulae or galaxies. You can scrape the paint using the sponge, or give it press and start to make random circles from there. It will look good either way. Play with more combinations of colors until you find the galaxy is great enough. On this part, the combinations of all colors except for white should make the exact image.

3Now, let’s enrich the painting with more stars. Take the white paint or gold if you want to, and dilute it with a few drops of water. Dip a brush on this paint and take another thing like the other brush, a wooden block, or a stick, anything firm. Flick the brush on the thing, one time in each spot. It will splatter several drops that look like stars. Make sure you flick on several spots so the stars are spread on the whole area.

4Wait for the entire paint to dry before you want to add anything. The combination of the color should create the same image as galaxy and you have the stars too. If you still have enough space, you can let your kids to paint spaceship or anything they like about space.


  • You can use the sponge to blend some of the paints at the edge of the painting media. This is a useful tool and technique to actually dissolve the edge paint to the black background.