Rock painting has been a great activity to do especially with your kids. It is fun and the entire processes are easy to do as well. The following tutorial will assist you in making animated pumpkin rocks. The materials are easy to find while the process is possible to do even by younger kids. Try this out.


  • Rocks on all sizes you prefer
  • Acrylic paints; black, white, brown, yellow, red, and orange
  • Black ink pens
  • Small and medium paint brushes
  • Outdoor varnish, if you plan to set it outdoor as well

The Making Steps

1Wash the rocks to remove all dirt. Set them aside to dry. Wipe the rocks with dry cloth before painting. Paint the rocks with the base color, orange. If your paint set doesn’t come with orange, you can mix yellow and red colors instead. Add a few drops of red and mix it. Add some more drops of red if you like to. Keep adding the red until you find the right orange. Using the brush, paint the rocks with orange color. Use bigger brush for bigger rocks. Set aside.

2Now, we are going to make the details. Take some of the brown paint and dilute it with water until it reaches transparent shade. Take some more of the brown paint and don’t dilute it with water. Using the diluted brown, make the ribbed structure of the pumpkins. Use the solid brown to paint the stems.

Take some of the white paint and dilute it with water until it reaches transparent shade. Using a brush, highlight the ribbed areas of the pumpkin for a little texture. Repeat the same step to the other ribbed parts of the pumpkins. Add the highlight on the stems too for a more natural look.

3Take the black ink pen and draw an outline of eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. When you are done, paint the teeth and eyes with white using non-diluted white paint. Add the smaller details using the pens for more defined look. By this step, your rocks are done.


  • Rather than using orange color, a mix of yellow and red colors is always considered producing more natural shade. The key is to drop the yellow paint first and then add the red drop by drop. The orange produced is usually more dramatic as well. Mix them every time you add a drop of red.