Are you looking for something to complete the decoration of your house or simply something to bring a new touch of life to your home? You may consider painting leaves. This painting project is so simple that even beginners can do it. It will be a great addition to your wall. Just follow the following steps to make your own painting:


  • No 12 Flat brush
  • Filbert brush (if you need a more rounded base for the leaf)
  • Paint: dark green, light green

The Steps:

  • To begin, load your brush twice with a light green and darker green. Then, by tapping the chisel edge of your brush, make a V. Place the chisel edge on one half of the V to start making a stroke. Press the brush down and wiggle it as you drag your brush to create a half heart shape.
  • Then, work on the other half of the V by repeating the same technique. Don’t forget to lift your brush to a point as you approach the tip. Make sure you make the tips meet so you won’t have a leaf with two tips.
  • Reload your brush with paint when needed but don’t flip it. Keep the dark side of your brush beside the light one when you are starting a new stroke.
  • Next, draw the stem of the leaf with the chisel edge of your brush. Actually, you can draw the stem later. Doing it now will help you with the placement. To draw it, press your brush against the surface at an angle from the step. Don’t press it straight down.
  • Try your best to not make a broad flat base for the leaf. To get a more rounded base for the leaf, you can use a filbert brush, especially when you want to draw a lot of smaller filler leaves. To draw it, press and lift the brush to a certain point by turning it as you make a stroke.
  • If you want to make longer leaves, drag your brush out further. Once you are done painting the leaves, you can either leave it like that or add some shadow to the leaves. Shadowing the leaves will make your painting looks better on the background.

Your leaf painting is done now! There are only six steps to follow. What matters the most from all of the steps is to make sure how your work with your brush. The way you use your brush will determine the final look of your painting. Happy painting leaf!