As a painter, you always have that willingness to improve your painting skill, one of which varying the objects that you can paint. Here we come with a complete tutorial that you can use to hone your painting skill. It is about painting beautiful flowers to enable you to paint endless pieces of art. Check it out below:


  • Painting canvas
  • Acrylic paint (for the underpainting) with the colors: red or blue or orange
  • White glaze
  • Pencil

The Steps:

  • Start painting your flower by giving your painting canvas underpainting with flat color. This underpainting will help you unify the painting colors and show in places throughout your painting. It also makes the painting less scary with a pure black canvas. For the underpainting color, you can use blue, orange, or red.
  • Let the underpainting paint dry before moving on to the next step.
  • To start painting your flower, you need to make an outline of the flower first. Use your pencil to make the outline and draw it on the top of the red paint that is already dry.
  • When you already feel satisfied with your flower outline, give some thin brush with white acrylic. This will make your drawing more visible and easier in the next steps.
  • The next step is painting opposite colors. This is one of the techniques in acrylic painting. Painting the opposite colors will make the white-painted areas on your canvas the darkest area in the final step later.
  • Continue adding contrasting colors until you cover most of the areas on your canvas. Brush some orange or orange or other colors as you want. Let the paints dry.
  • Once the paints are dry, you can start painting the flowers with local colors. In the example here, red paint is used as the painter saw red on his reference picture.
  • Then, add some orange and yellow at the areas as shown in the reference picture.
  • Keep brushing local colors. Your painting now becomes dark, meaning that you need to put some light there.
  • To give a little bit of light to your painting, make a mixture of white acrylic with medium to get a white gaze. Then, apply the color to the spots of the paintings that you want them to be lighter.
  • Continue adding layers until you get the contrast and colors of flowers that you like.