Wonderful sky, glowing colors, and lovely park can be both enjoyable and an inspiration for a painting. To keep the lovely view, why don’t create the painting of it? Grab a set of watercolor paints, spare around 14 minutes, and activate your painting skills to create one. The guides for painting the field and sky can be found below:


  • No 6 Isabey Mop Brush
  • Arches Rough Press with the size of 9” x 12”
  • Paints with these following colors:
  • Nickel Azo in yellow shade
  • Azo Yellow
  • Cobalt in blue, teal, and violet shades
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Quinacridone Rust

The Steps:

  • To start, wash your painting paper by quickly painting the sky as the first wash. To recede the background, use the mixture of Quinacrdione Rust, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, and some Cobalt Violet dashes. To apply the shade, gently move your painting brush and making it hardly hit the paper. Let it dry and then add some white highlights to make the background more interesting.
  • Next, add some greens to the painting. To get the greens shade, mix the colors you use for the skies with Azo Yellow, Cobalt Teal, and Nickel Azo in yellow shade. Then, load your Isabey mop brush with the green shade and paint the greens. Make sure you don’t overwork any detail there. Every single detail you add will surely influence the lightness. Just don’t spoil too much lightness as your sketch is actually little.
  • Next is the fun part! Only with few minutes, you can create an awesome sketch. To do this step, simply go outside of your house and find a park whose views you love the most. As an example, you can do the sketching when the fall season is happening so you can see the falling orange leaves. Another example would be sketching the atmosphere of winter when browns and blues are perfectly mingling to each other. Nothing can beat the sketching on location as you can get the best reference for your painting in terms of color, details, tone, and composition.

Painting field and sky using watercolor paint will never go wrong. The process of the painting will enable you to both do art and enjoy the gorgeous view. So, if you think you need to hike a mountain to get into the places with a jaw dropping view, do it as it will surely be worth it.