Cloud is probably one of the most shapes that will be easily recognized in an art piece. Depending on the techniques and colors, we actually have more than enough ways to paint clouds and the details. If you are looking for additional enhancements for your painting, these techniques are worth to try when it comes to paint your clouds into a different level.

  1. Thick Cloud with Loose Form

It is a cumulus cloud and this formation usually appears in a form of vas cloud and blue sky appearing here and there. They are quite dense but fun to make. You need to make jagged patches using pencil first to make the blue sky very lightly. Then, wet in the holes. Add more blue on the edges and blend to the side for natural finish.

  1. Billowy Cloudy

Create oval shapes for the cloud and enrich with a few lines for the billowy look. Then, finish the upper side with sky colors with wash technique if you like it. Wait for it to get completely dry before continue. When you are ready, you should consider finishing the bulging area with a little gray touch for more realistic look.

  1. Dramatic Cloud

To make this cloud, you need to draw the lines first. Make sure you make several levels of hills lines on this shape. Then, continue with wetting the sky area with blue shade you prefer. It is okay to keep the edges sharp. For more drama, dilute the blue with water and brush it over the hills lines. Now your cloud has depth while it looks dramatic at the same time too.

  1. Cirrus Cloud with Blue Over White Technique

Wet the entire area you make for the sky. Then, use your brush and dab some blue over it. Make sure it swirls with soft finish for natural look. Let it dry first, and then continue making the same layer once again for a little depth. However, it is great to have a few hard edges too. It looks natural in combination.

  1. Cirrus Cloud with White Over Blue Technique

Of course, you need first to finish the paper with blue for the entire sky. Then, wait for it to dry a little. For the clouds, we can use white shade like White Gouache and apply soft strokes over the blue sky. Wet the brush again to soften the cloud edges. Basically, you are done here.