Here comes another tutorial on painting with watercolor and it is about combining three things about Halloween: orange color, harvest moons, and black cats. This tutorial will mainly guide you on painting black cats. You will work on how to give highlights, layers to the painting and to paint a moonlit autumn and All Hallow’s Eve.


  • Watercolor paints
  • Palette
  • Water basin
  • Cold press watercolor paper
  • 1-inch round brush
  • No. 8 round brush
  • Pencil
  • Paper towel

The steps:

  • To start, make a circle on your watercolor paper to mimic the moon shape. You can either paint it right at the center of your paper or just off-center. Then, load your 1-inch round brush with Winsor Orange to make a big white circle around the moon circle that you just drew.
  • Next, load your 1-inch brush with Winsor Yellow. While the orang paint is still wet, brush the white circle’s outer side. Brush the color until the yellow and orange colors blend. For the moon itself, leave it unpainted. Let it slightly dry.
  • Next, using yellow paint, paint the circle’s inner side, but still letting the moon be in white. If you want the bottom of your picture to be deeper, blush more orange. Let the paint dry.
  • Once the paint is dry, make the cat’s silhouette and some branches of tree. Then, draw a cat off-center to make it more interesting.
  • Take your No. 8 brush, load it with Lamp Black, and paint the cat outline.
  • Still using the no. 8 brush and lamp black shade, fill in the rest of the cat’s body. Make a highlight at the top of the cat’s torso and head. Then, give the cat one more layer of lamp black to deepen the color.
  • Now take your paper towel and use it to a bit remove some paint on the left side of the body of the cat. This will help you make the highlight of the cat.
  • Next, make brown shade by making a mixture of winsor orange and lamp black (3:1). Paint the branches of tree and some other details of them using the shade and your no. 8 brush.
  • Paint some shadows by applying another layer of brown paint to the branches and then continue it by applying a bit of lamp black.
  • Next, paint some leaves with the help of your no. 8 brush. In drawing them, vary the shades and the size of the leaves. Also, give another detail such as darkening the shadow of the cat. If you want to add more shadows, use lamp black.
  • Let the paint dry. Then, erase all the pencil lines.