Watermelon screams for summer! This delicious and juicy fruit always evoke the memories of fun, picnics, and warm weather. Who can miss this tasty fruit? Let’s create our own watermelon then! Not the fruit of course, but watermelon painting. Gather your watercolors and follow this tutorial!


  • Drawing pencil
  • Paintbrush with a fine tip
  • Watercolor paints: Ivory Black, Quinacridone Red, Cadmium Yellow, Phthalo Green
  • Watercolor paper – thick and in good quality. Choose the one whose weight at least 140 lb.

The Steps:

  • Star drawing the watermelon by making an outline using drawing pencil. Make the one that is light and in a shape of triangular. Keep the outline light enough so it won’t show through the paint later. To draw the outline, you can use a corner of a piece of a paper to get straight edges. For the bottom part of the outline, make a curve to imitate the shape of a watermelon slice.
  • Paint the pink parts of the watermelon. To get the right shade of pink, make a mixture of water and Quinacridone Red on your palette. Then, brush the shade on the top of the pink part of the watermelon. To mimic the best look of a slice of a watermelon, make some white spaces at some spots by varying the thinness and thickness of your paint. Also, don’t forget to leave some space at the bottom part of the watermelon unpainted. Take about ½”or so around the area of watermelon rind.
  • Next, paint the watermelon rind with various shades of green. For the bottom part of the rind, brush some Phthalo Green up. Then, in the middle part of the rind, give a paint of light green from the mixture of Cadmium Yellow and Phthalo Green. Leave some space between the pink part of the watermelon and the light green part from the rind. Then, mix the green with the pink by watering down the light green and adding dab your brush in some places in the remaining white section. Leave some parts here in white.
  • When the pink paint is still dry, dab some spots in black paint to paint the watermelon seeds. Make the seeds as if they are lying underneath the surface. Let it dry. Next, go back to your black paint to paint few more spots as the seeds.
  • And it’s finished! You now have an impressive watercolor painting! Go find a perfect spot to display your painting!