Fall season is coming and it is the time to watch that beautiful and warm view of leaves turning from green to gold to yellow to orange red. Those beautiful colors are surely pleasing to watch and also to paint. That’s why, here is a tutorial on how to paint a watercolor fall tree for you.


  • Watercolor paint (Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine, Gamboge, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Gold, Golden Ochre)
  • Paint brush
  • Watercolor paper
  • Hogs hair brush
  • Flat brush
  • Spray bottle containing burnt sienna colored water
  • Palette knife

The Steps:

  • Get a mixture of burnt sienna and French ultramarine and brush your paper with that color. This will create some colors of the fallen leaves. Then, add a little bit new gamboge around the previous color.
  • Next, load your brush with some gamboge and then tap your brush lightly on the paper. Do the tapping with a creamy consistency.
  • Next, mix some cadmium red with new gamboge and load your brush with the color mixture. Then, tap your brush again on the paper at the same place with where you do the previous tapping.
  • After that, load your brush with quinacridone gold but don’t put too much water so the paint will not be too watery. Then, do the same tapping process slightly below the previous spots from the previous tapping.
  • Keep tapping your brush on the paper until you get the look of fall tree that you want. But, remember that you need to make the colors in both light and dark. Don’t occupy the same shade of colors all the time.
  • Now, load your brush with golden ochre and tap it again on the paper.
  • Next, add bigger droplets to the paper by using different brush which is a bit bigger than you use previously to get different splashes. For this brush tapping, use burnt sienna.
  • Next, take your spray bottle and spray the color in different areas of the painting to give you droplets not the fine mist. Do one spray in each area so your painting more looks like leaves.
  • Next, paint the trunk of tree using a flat brush and burnt sienna mixed with a little bit of French Ultramarine to get a nice bronzy color. Paint some branches to the right and left of the trunk too.
  • Then, give some color around the root of the tree using the same color and brush. Spray some water to blend the color. Add more layers to either the root area or the tree branches until you get the look of the tree that you like. You can also add more droplets to the left side of the paper if you think that area is too empty. Don’t forget to also give different droplets here and there using your bottle spray.
  • Add some drops too on the ground to get fallen leaves look using the same shade. Then, add some drops with burnt sienna down there.
  • Give some drops of burnt sienna too around the tree leaves to add slightly darker colors.
  • The next step would be about giving other details until you get pleased with the look of your painting. Add some darker values and light touch here and there in your painting to get the best fall tree.
  • Finally, make some grasses around the tree using your palette knife.