Sunflower is lovely. It has also created a history from the magic hands of Van Gogh with his famous sunflower painting. Are you also into sunflower? Make your own painting then! Don’t worry if you are a beginner in painting. Using one stroke at a time in painting a sunflower is easy enough to do for beginners. Follow the instructions below:


  • Surface to paint
  • Yellow acrylic craft paint with many shades: Medium Yellow, School Bus Yellow, Empire Gold
  • Other acrylic craft paint with the colors of black and Burnt Umber,
  • Medium sized scruffy brush
  • No 12 flat brush

The Steps:

  • To start, sketch out a circle or an oval in the center of your paper or canvas. You can also just eyeball it by pouncing your scruffy brush that you already dip into Burnt Umber paint in an oval or roundish shape.
  • Load one side of your scruffy brush with black paint and pounce the brush around the outside edges. Then, make a C shape in the center.
  • Now take your number 12 flat brush, load it with School Bus Yellow and Empire Gold, and stroke in the sunflower petals afterwards. Add some Medium Yellow to the petals to add brightness to the petals. To paint the petal, place your loaded brush at the edge of the Black/Burnt Umber edge and press down with the brush.
  • Then, drag your brush to release the pressure.
  • When you are pulling the stroke, don’t forget to twist your brush.
  • Continue painting the petals all the way around the brunt umber center. Let the edge of the brush you are using come to a point.
  • Now you can see that the yellow color around the center gets a little bit messy. To fix it, grab your scruffy brush back and load it with Burnt Umber at one of its edges. Then, pounce the brush over at the spot that needs neatening up.
  • Next up, load your brush on its chisel edge. Then, press the brush until it gets flat by giving it pressure as you drag it.
  • Pull the brush along as you are making the stroke. Twist it and handle it upright. Remove the pressure to let the brush spring back to paint the tip of the petal.
  • There you have a sunflower petal! You can also make a stroke with two shades of green if you want to paint a simple leaf.