Daisy is one the flowers favored by many people. The flower is both cheery and bright. It also has something special that not just any flower has. If you love daisy too, go make yourself a painting of it. Follow the following guides below to paint it. It is just as easy as ABC.


  • Watercolor paint (yellow, light tan or grey, Bamboo)
  • Water
  • Paint brush
  • Palette
  • Watercolor pencil
  • Watercolor paper

The Steps:

  • To begin with, paint a yellow circle on your canvas. This will be a place around which all the petals line up. You don’t need to try making a perfect round. Don’t worry if your yellow circle is a bit messy.
  • In your palette, make a shade of light tan or grey or Bamboo. You will use this color for underpainting the petals of the daisy. Either color will work well, so just choose the one that you can easily get. One important tip for this step: if you are painting on a darker background, you can skip this step and use the color of the background as the underpainting. The purpose of this step is to make the darker color that shows under the white petals of the daisy.
  • Look at how the Bamboo was painted on to the yellow center in the picture below. Again, don’t worry if you think your yellow circle is not perfectly round and nice. You can always fix it later. After that, give one coat of white to each petal. Start painting it from one petal and go all around the circle. Make the petals painting a little bit overlapping each consecutive petal. Now you can see that there are ridges on the petals. That’s what you need to keep and what you shouldn’t smooth out. They will give your flower some texture. Next, repeat to give white overlaps to the yellow center.
  • Next, give your daisy second white coat to brighten the petals. By giving this second white coat, you can still see the texture of the underpainting but you can get whiter and brighter petals. After that, give the yellow circle second coat using a lighter yellow.
  • Your daisy is done! In this example, the daisy was painted on a white watercolor paper resulting in the little washed out look. To fix it and to make the daisy look more stand out, add some details with Bamboo paint and or a marker or a watercolor pencil. Look at the following picture to see how the details should be done.