Bored of common greeting card sold in a shop? It’s the time for you to make your own greeting card. Here is a craft of making tulips bouquet greeting card that will be perfect for a gift to your mom or your sister. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have much time to do the craft. It’s easy and quick!


  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper twister stick
  • 1 compact disk
  • Pencil
  • Doilies paper (in the example below, white dollies paper is used. You can always different kinds of doilies paper. Note that one tulip needs 1 doilies paper)
  • Yarn (in the example below, the yarn chosen is in green)
  • Art papers (buy colorful art papers. The colors of your art papers will be the colors of your tulips)


Step 1. Then make a cut out from an art paper to make the greeting card. Make sure the size of the card match the size of the doilies paper along with the size of the tulip’s leaves. After that, glue the doilies paper and stick it to the card.

Step 2. To begin with, grab your compact disk and also the art papers. Then start drawing the leaves of the tulip flower. Before deciding what color you should choose for this step, you may need to decide what colors you want to have in your tulip flower later. Draw the tulip leaves using the compact disk and the pencil as shown in the picture.

Step 3. Next, get a pair of scissors and then start cutting out the tulip leaves. Make the number of the cut out of the leaves based on bow many greeting cards you want to make.

Step 4. After that, take your doilies paper, glue, and the cut out of the tulip’s leaves. Then start gluing the tulip leaves on the doilies paper. In this step, make sure you don’t apply too much glue so that you will more unlikely leave any glue stain on the doilies paper. Arrange the leaves of the tulip accordingly and as you like them to be.

Step 5. Next, get another art paper whose color is different from the ones you used for making the leaves of the tulip. This paper is used to make the petals of the tulip. You can always use different colors. If you think you need more petals, go make additional cut outs of the petals. In making the petals, make sure you match the size of the petals to the size of the leaves and the bouquet.

Step 6. After drawing some petals on the pink art paper, grab your glue and cut the petals out. There is no exact number of petals that you need to make. It all depends on how you want your tulip paper to be.

Step 7. After you finish making the petals, glue them together to the card and around the leaves of the tulip.

Step 8. Next, glue the tulip flower on the card paper. Glue the tulip flower in such a way you can make a bouquet of tulip flower. In gluing the flower, don’t use excessive glue so that you will not make the card or the flower dirty.

Step 9. Next, it is the time for you to twist the paper spiral. Get your paper twister stick and twist the paper spiral.

Step 10. Your tulips bouquet greeting card is finished! Now, write some nice words inside the card and then send the card to those you love.

Your card is now ready to accompany the gift you are giving to someone. The card is indeed special as it is handmade and it is who you made this. The next time you make another card, you can play with different colors and or card design.