You got spare paper cups around you? You don’t know what to do with them? Well, why not transferring them into a cute and adorable sweet bunny boxes paper cups? Your children will surely love them. You can also invite them to make the craft with you. This craft is both exciting and fun. Here is the steps to make them:


  • Paper cups (the number of it depends on how many sweet bunny boxes paper cups you want to make)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Colorful papers to decorate your cups
  • Decorative papers with various colors and patterns


Step 1: To begin with, make sure you have prepared all the necessary supplies to make the craft. Then start the project by making the bunny’s parts of body. Grab your colored papers and start sketching the bunny’s body parts: eyes, teeth, ears, feet; and nose using your sketch pen. You can use papers with different colors and patterns in this step. In the example below, for the ears of the bunny, the inner parts are made from pink dotted paper while the outer parts are from plain white papers. Meanwhile, the nose of the bunny is made from plain light pink paper for the bigger parts and from pink dotted paper for the smaller one. For the teeth of the bunny, plain white paper is used.  After sketching them, cut them using your scissors. Check the following picture to see how it needs doing.

Step 2: Grab your glue and now start sticking the cut out of the colored papers. Start it with sticking the inner parts of the bunny’s ears to the outer ones. Then continue sticking with the bunny’s nose and teeth. Apply some glue to each cut out and let it dry. After that, grab a pair of google eyes for the bunny. In the example below, the google eyes are in deep blue. You can always use the color of your choice.

Step 3: Next, grab your paper cups and start sticking the bunny’s body parts to the cups. Start sticking the cut outs with the bunny’s ears. Stick them to the inside part of the cups. Make sure you use a kind of glue that is strong enough to stick the papers to the cups. Let the glue dry for a while. You should not rush in sticking the papers. Stick one or two cut outs at a time and let it/them dry first before continuing on sticking the others.

Step 4: Now that the glue you applied in the previous step is already dry, you can continue sticking the eyes, the nose, and the teeth of the bunny. Now, work on the outer part of the cup. Again, make sure that your glue is capable enough to stick the paper to the cups as these two things may be difficult to be stuck together. Make sure you attach each of the bunny’s body parts tidily.

Step 5: You now know how to make the sweet bunny boxes paper cups. Repeat the steps from 1 to 4 to make the other ones. You may use decorative papers in different colors and patterns to decorate the other cups.

Step 6: Your sweet bunny boxes paper cups are ready! Aren’t they cute and sweet? You can use the decorated cups for many purposes. You can just simply fill the cups with your children’s favorite colorful candies.

This craft is definitely easy to make. The supplies are also easy to find. The craft is also a great idea to spend quality time with your children. What are you waiting for? Go make one!