Believe it or not, the room decoration delivers the host’s feeling. For a house with active children, it is suggested to hang something cheerful like the smiling sun. It brightens the atmosphere and could be a great decoration as well. Start the simple project with the unused CDs at home!


  • orange and yellow origami paper
  • a small compass
  • a scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • a bottle of glue
  • an unused CD


Step 1.

Prepare the orange paper. Take the orange origami paper. Draw two centimeters line on the paper. This size is ideal for normal sun flair. For simpler design, make the lines bigger, around three to five centimeters. If the paper is rectangular, it is suggested to make the lines on the wider side. Use ruler and pencil to make the lines. Be careful when erasing the uneven lines; it might leave a stain on the paper.

Step 2.

Cut the orange paper using the lines guidelines. Hold the paper using left hand and work the scissors with the right hand. If you think it takes too long, then you can use cutter instead. However, this won’t be a wise choice while working with children. Hand them the safe paper scissors. It has less sharp edges and friendly handle for the kids. Guide them to follow the lines for cutting. In total, you will need around 30 orange strips.

Step 3.

Glue the paper strips. Apply the glue on one end and stick the other end together. Put your finger on the glued side to hold the shape. Apply light pressure to help the gluing process. Slowly lift the finger. If the strips snaps, apply more glue until it could stick together nicely. Repeat the process to the other stripes. While working with kids, make sure they don’t accidentally swallow the leaked glue on the finger.

Step 4.

Attach the orange stripes to the back of the unused CD. It is the one with pictures of the film or title of the CD. The shiny part will be the front part of the sun decoration. Apply glue on the tip of the stripes. Then put it on the back. Make sure they have even depth. If needed, you could draw inner circle using the compass. Use it as the guideline to glue the orange strips.

Step 5.

Prepare the yellow paper. It will be used as the center of sun decoration. Use compass to determine how big the inner circle would be. Then draw the circle on the paper. Make sure the compass has the pencil installed. Put the needle in the center dot, then swing the other hand to make the circle. It is suggested to draw several circles with different sizes. Later on, you can choose which one suits perfectly to the CD.

Step 6.

Cut the circle. Use scissors to help the process. To get a nice sun decoration, the inner circle should have a perfect round shape. Thus, the cutting process should not be done in a hurry. Follow the curvy lines slowly and carefully.

Step 7.

Put the yellow circle on the center of the CD. Before applying the glue, you should dry fit the circles you have. Take each one of them and lay them down on the front part of the CD. Pick the one you like the best. There should be a gap between the yellow circle and orange flairs. Then, glue it to the position. Applying generous amount of glue will make the paper wrinkles.

Step 8.

Decorate the yellow circle. Draw the eyes and smiles on the inner circle. There you go: a nice sun decoration that the children will love!