Here comes a simple but fun craft for your spring that your kids will love it so much, especially if your kids are fans of Elsa from Frozen. Not only is it simple, it is also affordable. The supplies needed and the steps to do it are just few. Check out the tutorial below:


  • Wooden dowel
  • Hot glue
  • Various colorful ribbons to decorate
  • Scissors
  • Sand papers
  • Washi tape in different colors and patterns
  • Duct tape
  • Pencil

The Steps:

  • Get your wooden dowel and cut it to the desired length. You can make some cuts of the wooden dowel with many lengths if you want to make more than one ribbon wand.
  • Then, sand off the rough edges of the wooden dowel. Make sure all the edges are smooth enough for your kids to play it with.
  • Take your ribbons and cut them to the desired length.
  • Tie each ribbon to one end of the wooden dowel. Apply some hot glue to secure the ribbon position. Then, let the glue dry. Tie as many ribbons as you want, depending on the length of the wooden dowel. Tie around four up to five ribbons to each dowel. Make sure you use different colors of the ribbon to add some fun. If it is possible, you can also choose ribbons with different patterns.
  • You can also decorate your wooden dowel to make the wands prettier. However, this is optional though. If you want to decorate it, use washi tape in different colors and patterns and wrap your wooden dowel with them. You can also add shapes like heart, stars, and butterfly any of your choice to one of the dowel’s end. Make the shapes using the washi tape. Once you make the shapes, stick it to the dowel using the duct tape.
  • Hand one ribbon wand to each of your kids and let them run around outside and have fun with the new wands. Let their new wands accompany their beautiful spring days.

You can surely make other variations to the ribbon wands. Even more, you can make a certain theme of color for the ribbon wands, such as ribbon wands with pastel colors or bright colors. Isn’t that simple? You can even ask your kids to make their own. Go try making one and join the fun of playing ribbon wands in your spring time!