What see animal you like the most? Fish are indeed cute. But, do you like jellyfish? They are so cute that we can make an interesting craft with that. What you need are paper plate and tissue paper to make this jellyfish craft. Find out how to make it below:


  • Paper plates
  • Black marker
  • Tissue paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue

The Steps:

  • Prepare all the supplies needed for the craft. Make sure you have tissue paper in many colors so that your jellyfish can be vibrant.
  • Take your tissue paper and cut them into small squares. If you ask your kids to make this craft with you and they are not yet accustomed to using a scissors, you can ask them to tear the tissue paper instead.
  • Now take your paper plate and then cover it in glue. Then, cover the paper plate with the small and square tissue papers. Leave the bottom part of the paper plate uncovered as you will cut it out later.
  • Using your scissors, cut one side of the paper plate so you will have a bottom of a jellyfish. Cut the side of the paper plate that is not covered with tissue paper. Cut it out with zig zag line, not a straight line. Look at the picture to see how it is done!
  • Along the cut bottom, make some holes using a hole punch.
  • Take your colorful yarn and thread it through the holes that you made earlier. Don’t forget to tie them up to the holes. As you will have a lot of yarns tied to the holes, cut the yarns so they are at the same length.
  • Decorate your jellyfish’s face. Take your googly eyes and attach them to the jellyfish’s face using the glue. Then, using a black marker, draw the mouth of the jellyfish. To make your jellyfish more fun and interesting, you can use glow in the dark googly eyes, big googly eyes, and or colorful googly eyes.
  • You are done! Display your craft to decorate your room now!

As this craft is simple, you can make it together with your kids, while introducing them one of animals under the sea. Give your kids chances to choose the colors, the size, and other details of the jellyfish. Making a craft of these beautiful creatures will certainly be a fun and easy activity for young crafters.