Here comes a really fun and playful DIY project! It is about making mini animal canvases that will work perfectly for your kid’s room and especially your nursery room. While this DIY project is easy, the materials needed are inexpensive. Look at the tutorial below to make your own!


  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Plastic animals (if you can, find the large ones, not the typical tiny plastic animals)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Heat knife or utility knife
  • Canvases (5 x 5 inch is fine)
  • Super glue

The steps:

  • Take your plastic animals and cut them in half. To make the cutting easier, use a heat knife. However, if you don’t have it, you can still use your utility knife as long as you it is sharp enough. Be noted that cutting the plastic animals with utility knife may require more effort.
  • Paint your plastic animals with white primer paint. Give the plastic animals just one coat only.
  • When the primer paint is dry, paint your canvases and the plastic animals with acrylic paint. You may need to give the plastic animals up to three coats and the canvases up to two coats. To make the painting faster, you can use hair dryer in between the coats painting to save some times in the drying process. To make your craft more fun, use various colors for the paints such as neon, light pastels for girls, or boy colors. Every color will work well!
  • To make your canvas more interesting, paint the edges of each canvas with the opposite colors. Look at how it’s done in the picture.
  • When all the paints are dry already, apply some super glue to the plastic animals and then attach them to the center of the canvases. If you want to have shiny finish on both the animals and the canvases, you can apply a coat of glossy Mod Podge.
  • Finally, hang them! You now can enjoy your handmade craft. When attaching the plastic animals to the canvases, you can also use the back ends of the animals. It will make your craft more artistic!

It is simple, isn’t it? Although it is, the result of the project functions a lot for you: decorating your kid’s room and introducing some animals to your kids. The next time you make it, you can let your kids to choose what kind of animals they want to have on the canvases.