Are you now in the search of something colorful for your desk? Do you want it to be handmade? Right! You just came to the right place as we now will explain you in detail how to make marbled paperweight. It is absolutely easy and of course a DIY project! Check it out below!


  • Some interesting rocks
  • Paint brush
  • Nail polish (marble colors: white, blue, red, orange)
  • Bowl
  • Toothpick

The Steps:

  • First thing first, prepare all the materials needed as shown in the picture.
  • Now, get your rocks and clean the dirt off with water. After that, let them dry and then paint them in white. Once dry, give them a second coat by painting them in white again.
  • Get a bowl and fill it with cold water. Choose a deep bowl so you can submerge your rock completely.
  • Now, the fun time. Into the bowl, add one drop of the first color of the marbles. Then, spread it out. After that, add another drop of another color to the center of the previous color. Repeat the step of adding one drop at a time to the center of the previous color. Remember that you need to do this step quickly as the nail polish will get hardened fast.
  • Next, using a toothpick, create the marble pattern. This is how you do it: make a horizontal line through the colors by poking the center first and then slowly pulling to the right side. Then, go back to the center and pull to the left.
  • Next, make the verticals. Still using the toothpick, create a vertical line from the top to the bottom and then from the bottom to the top of the nail polish. Look at the arrow in the picture to see how you should do this step.
  • When you are finished making the marble design in the nail polish, take your rocks and dip them in the center of the nail polish. Submerge the rocks and remove them slowly. One important note for this step: marble your rocks one rock at a time. Don’t dip them altogether at once, unless you won’t get a nice marble design from the nail polish. Let all the rocks dry.

Isn’t beautiful and simple? Why don’t give it a try now? Once the rocks dry, you can enjoy the result of the marble designs on your table. You can also use the result of this project as a gift for your beloved. Happy experimenting!