Who doesn’t know the cute Ladybugs and tadpoles? And who doesn’t even know tic tac toe game? When they are combined, we will get something super fun! Yup, we can even make our own handmade tic tac toe game whose buttons are ladybugs and tadpoles. Curious how to make it? Take a look at the tutorial below:


  • Patio Paint 2 o. in Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Sprout Green
  • Fern Green
  • Cloud White
  • Wrought Iron Black
  • Geranium Red
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Citrus Green
  • 10 smooth rocks
  • Assorted paint brushes
  • Large basswood round plank
  • Wax paper or paint palette.

The Steps:

  • Prepare all the materials needed for the craft, especially the Patio Paint. Many colors of Patio Paint are needed. If you want to get the same final result as shown in the picture, you need to exactly get the same shade of color of the Patio Paint.
  • Get your wooden plank and paint it with Patio Paint. The best color for it is Robin’s Egg Blue. Give it two coats.
  • Split the rocks into two groups. Paint the first group of rocks in Citrus Green Patio Paint, and the other one in Geranium Red Patio Paint. For each side of the rock, make two up to three coats to get full coverage. Then, repeat it on the other side of the rock.
  • When the paint on the wooden plank has dried already, paint nine lily pads forming one grid. The grid should be in three rows of three. To make the lily pad, simply draw a heart shape, but not with a pointed base, but a rounded one. To make the lily pad, use the mixture of Patio Paint in Fern Green and Sprout Green.
  • Now, move on to the rocks. Once they have completely dried, decorate the red rocks so they will be like ladybugs. To do this step, use Cloud White and Wrought Iron Black Patio Paint. Meanwhile, decorate the green rocks so they can be like tadpoles. To do this, use Sunshine Yellow and Cloud White Patio Paint for the eyes of the tadpoles and Green Patio and Sprout Green for the spots of the tadpoles.
  • Let the paint on the rocks dry before using them to play tic tac toe. Patio Paint is water and weather resistant. However, to make sure the paint last long enough, let the paint cure for about 72 hours before get any moisture exposure.
  • Now, you are ready to kick off your cute tic tac toe game.