Mother’s day is just around the corner! It is a tradition to present a gift for the mother. Thinking about having crafty and simple project with wonderful outcome? Then the DIY card might be the best option for you. It only takes the basic stationery supplies. However, it is also possible to add some glittery accessories on the card.


  • 1 set of colorful paper quilling
  • a scissors
  • one bottle of paper glue
  • a glue gun
  • a set of paper card
  • a paper rolling tool


Step 1.

Make colorful heart-shaped quill paper. Pick any color you want and attach it to the rolling tool. Attach one end of the paper to the roller then roll the paper. Use point finger and thumb of the left hand to support the paper while the right hand does the rolling. Take the circle quill and apply light pressure on one side. Now you get the heart-shaped quill paper.

Step 2.

Make several leaves quill paper. Now take the light and dark green quill paper. Repeat the rolling routine until you get the circle quill paper. Using the tip of rolling tool, drag out four or five layers of the paper to the outer side gently. Now you have a leave-shaped quill paper.

Step 3.

Combine the heart-shaped quill papers. Take the dark colored heart paper and the light colored one. Slowly push the light colored one inside the dark ones. Make sure to do it gently, as the paper is easy to tear. Use rolling tool to make the space. Repeat the process to the leaves.

Step 4.

Arrange the flower decoration for the front cover first. Make a flower with some leaves on the outside. To attach the papers, use the glue gun. Start from the center before moving to the petals. Put a circle paper quill to the center. Then glue around seven or eight petals around the circle. Let it dry. Continue with the leaves.

Step 5.

Now for the inside. Arrange another flower decoration. The model would be lavender. Start the process from the stem. Fold a green paper quill to the length desired. Now start from the bottom by adding long leaves. Then start adding the heart shaped flowers to the stem.

Step 6.

Glue the flower arrangement to the card paper. Use the paper glue to do it. Start the gluing process from the stem. You can slowly raise the stem and squeeze the glue, allowing it to slip under the paper stem. If there is any leak, remove it immediately before it dries. Repeat the process to the flowers first.

Step 7.

Allow the arrangement to dry. No need to use hair dryer to help the drying process. It only takes around five to ten minutes. Make sure the surface is flat, so the quill paper could attach properly to the card. If you see any pooling glue under the quill paper, apply gentle pressure to bring it closer to the card paper.

Step 8.

Attach the leaves to the flower arrangement. Apply the glue to the leaves paper quill and put it from the middle stem. If the flowers take more space than expected, then you can reduce the number of leaves.

Step 9.

Allow the glue in the arrangement to dry for ten minutes. Similar rule applies: no hair dryer, no touching and make sure the surface is flat.

Step 10.

Voila! You get the nice lavender quill paper card. Now all you have to do is write the wishes for Mother’s day. It could be added on both the outside and inside of the card.