We are almost entering Halloween time! What will be your preparation for the celebration? While preparing treat and or tricks is also important, don’t you forget some decorations to make the Halloween vibe more real! Here we come with a craft of making ghosts from maple leaves. It is as simple as ABC!


  • Maple leaves (get the leaves in various sizes – big and small)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sharpee Pen (although you can use any dark colors, black one is recommended)
  • Paint brush (get the small one as the media you are painting on is as big as maple leaves)
  • Paints (in white color)


Step 1. To begin with, make sure you have prepared all the materials you need for the craft. Once you are sure you already have everything you need, the first thing you have to do in making maple leaves ghost is to paint the maple leaves.

Before starting painting the leaves, grab a piece of paper or cloth on which you will paint the leaves. The paper or cloth will make sure you will leave any paint stain on the table you use to work. Then take your white paint, paint brush and of course the leaves.

Paint the leaves in white one by one while making sure that every inch of the leaves is painted evenly. Continue painting until you get the number of maple leaves you need for making the Halloween ghosts. After painting, let the leaves dry for some time.

Step 2. Next, once you are sure the paint is already dry, you have to carve the ghosts! To make sure you can get the best form of ghosts on your maple leaves, you can sketch the form of the ghosts on the leaves using your Sharpee pens in advance.

Sketch the ghost one by one on the leaves before cutting them. To make it more fun, try sketching the ghosts in different sizes based on the size of your maple leaves. For your reference, take a look at the following picture to know how you should sketch the ghosts on the leaves. After the sketching, use a pair of scissors to carve the ghosts.

Step 3.  Now that you already have the form of the ghosts from your maple leaves, you need to decorate them. Grab your Sharpee pen again and start drawing the eyes and the mouth of the ghosts. At this step, you don’t need to do many things as you don’t need to add any decorations for the ghosts rather than the eyes and the mouth.

One important note to remember in this step is to keep the drawing neat and tidy so that all you can see are only white body of the ghosts and black color from the eyes and mouth. Draw the eyes and mouth of the ghosts one by one and carefully on each maple leave. There should not be other colors or stains to make the maple leaves ghosts perfect.

Step 4. After drawing the mouth and the eyes of the ghosts, let the ink of your Sharpee pen dry for a while. Once it is dry, you already finish making the craft. Now you can decide what to do next with your maple leaves ghosts. You can hang them using a yarn or thread or just simply put it anywhere to scare your friends or guests paying a visit to you during the Halloween celebration.

The next time you thing you don’t have anything to use to make craft, you can try this craft again. All you need are the maple leaves that you can simply and easily get from your garden. The other supplies are also simple to get. Have fun with the ghosts!