If you are still looking for some decorations to light up your house during Christmas holiday, you can always use this DIY garland with Christmas tree. You can place the garland on your fireplace or your front door or on the wall. This homemade garland with Christmas tree is very simple and easy to make. The tutorial will also present simple steps as you can easily follow.


Before moving on to the tutorial, it is better if we prepare the materials and tools needed for this project. To charge minimum cost for this decoration, you can use some paper forms for muffin as your Christmas tree. As this project is very easy and simple to make, you can ask your kids to do it together. They must be very excited as they are being involved in decorating their house for the special event.

Here are the materials and tools that you need to prepare:

  • Colorful paper forms for muffin
  • Rope
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • Small Cornflake beams

Step 1. Prepare the materials and tools on your working table. Use some colorful paper forms for muffin to make your Christmas tree more attractive and beautiful. Take three paper forms with different patterns and colors. These three paper forms are going to be used for making one Christmas tree. Fold each paper form into a triangle. You can see the picture as the reference.

Step 2. After the three triangles are set, glue them altogether to resemble the Christmas tree. Use the glue gun to stick them all together. After the glue is dry, take one snowflake beam to decorate the top of the Christmas tree. Glue the back part of the cornflake and stick it onto the top of the Christmas tree.

Step 3. As you plan to make a garland of Christmas tree out of the paper forms for muffin, you have to make lots of Christmas trees. Use the same steps as no.1 and 2 to create more Christmas trees. as for this project, four Christmas trees are used. However, you are free to make as many trees as you can, depending on the length of the garland. If you want to decorate your fireplace, it is better if you have some more.

Step 4. After the Christmas trees are ready, it is now the time to glue each tree onto the rope. When you want to glue each Christmas tree, make sure that the length or the space of each Christmas tree is the same. You can measure the length of the rope first. If you plan to use this garland as for your front door decoration, you won’t need long rope for it. Cut the rope so that you can measure the space or gap of each Christmas tree easily.

Stretch the rope along the working table. Then, glue the top back side of one Christmas tree with the glue gun and attach it on the rope. Repeat the step to attach all the Christmas trees along the rope.

After all the Christmas trees are attached on the rope, let them sit for awhile to make the glue dry. Tada! Your garland with Christmas trees is ready. You and your kids can hang the garland together. If you plan to hang it on the front door, you can attach the end of each rope with the nail or some other materials. Or, you can just use some tapes to attach the rope ends.

Easy, isn’t it? You can also make some other projects by using the paper forms for the muffin as your Christmas decoration. If you want to work with your kids, you can find some other simple projects like muffin flower craft, cupcake liner kite, and so on.