Heart string art craft is both fun and adorable. You can use it to add a pop of color to the wall of your favorite room. It is also easy to do in both preparing the materials and making the craft. Are you curious how to make it? Check it out below:


  • Yarn (acrylic and cotton) with the colors and quantity of your choice
  • Decorative board
  • Hammer
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Small nails
  • Blue painters tape
  • Heart stencil.

The Steps:

  • To begin with, put your ruler at the edge of a wooden surface. Tape the ruler to secure the position to make even spacing to the nails. Space your nails a ½ inch apart.
  • Once you get the even spacing, hammer your nails on all the four sides of the board.
  • Take you heart stencil for your string art. If you don’t like heart, you can choose another shape that you like.
  • Make a cut at the center of the heart template to help you secure its place on the board. Then, place the heart template at the center of the board and secure its position with a tape.
  • Now, add the nails around the heart shape. Start it by working on the bottom center of the heart first and then continue the work the way around. Use the ruler while framing the heart with the nails so you can make sure that the nails are spaced ½ inch apart. If you think holding the tiny nail is hard and risky to your finger, you can use a needle nose pillers to hold the nails before hammering them.
  • The next is the fun part which is adding the yarn. Yet before that, you need to decide the color pattern. In here, the colors used are green, yellow, blue, pink, and orange. To start, take the first colored yarn and attach it to the nail using a square knot. After that, wrap each nail head with the yarn. There are many ways of wrapping the nails: simple up weaving, down weaving, and a crisscross pattern (random weaving pattern).
  • Once you think you’ve got enough wrapping with a particular color, pick another yarn with different color from the first yarn and repeat the step. In wrapping it, take a few minutes to evaluate what you have made and to see how the pattern is going. Continue until you cover all the nails hammered there.
  • Voila! Once all nails are wrapped with the yarn, your heart string art craft is ready to decorate your room. Before hanging it on the wall, you can add a frame to it.