To give a special present for Dad during the Father’s Day, this handmade greeting card is a perfect choice. You can help your kid making this unique shirt and tie card for Dad. Handmade card can always represent how your kid’s feeling towards his/her Dad. It is sweet and simple, and definitely will bring Dad smile.


To make this quirky shirt and tie greeting card, there are some materials and tools that you need to prepare beforehand. It happens that the supplies for this handmade card are easy to get yet inexpensive. Here are the supplies that you need:

  • Colored papers
  • Contrasting papers
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Buttons

Step 1. Take the colored paper to make the shirt. You can ask your kid to draw the pattern first. If you use 4A colored paper, you can fold the paper into half and cut the centerfold with the scissors. You just need a half part of 4A paper to make this shirt and tie greeting card. Take the ruler to measure the line to make the collar. Rule the line along the top of the colored paper with one centimeter space from the paper top. Then, mark it for 2.5 cm in from the left and right edges of the paper. Mark its center line.

Step 2. After the top paper is being marked, cut along the ruled line that you have made previously using the scissors on each side of the paper until each side reaches 2.5 cm mark.

Step 3. Fold the tabs that have been cut in diagonally to create the shirt’s collar. Your greeting card should be like in the picture now. Make necessary adjustments if needed.

Step 4. Now, after the shirt part is ready, the next step is to make the tie. Take the patterned paper and draw the tie. For the exact measurement, use the ruler.

Step 5. Now cut the ruled line of the tie that you have made previously. Make sure to follow the mark lines to make a precise shape of the tie.

Step 6. The tie for your greeting card is ready. The final look of the tie is as seen from the picture. Always make any necessary adjustments any time you have finished making the parts of the greeting card.

Step 7. Now, it is time to attach the tie onto the shirt. If the knot of the tie is already fitted in between the collar, you can glue the back side of the tie and attach it onto the shirt. Make sure that the collar overlaps.

Step 8. After the shirt and tie are ready, it is now the time to decorate. Take the same colored paper as the shirt color and draw a small rectangular shape as to be made for the shirt’s pocket. Then, cut out the rectangular shape and glue it onto the shirt.

You can also decorate the pocket as to have a handkerchief in it. Draw a small triangular shape out of the patterned paper which is being used to make the tie. Cut the triangular shape and glue it on the shirt above the shirt’s pocket.

Then, take the buttons and attach each of the buttons on each side of the collar. The final look of your greeting card should be like in the picture.

Step 9. Draw a small and long rectangular shape from a white colored paper. Cut out the shape and glue it on the bottom of the shirt as seen from the picture. Then, you can write some words on it. you can simply write “HAPPT FATHER’S DAY” or you can write any other warm greetings for Dad. Tada! Your special shirt and tie greeting card is ready!