What kind of preparations have you made to welcome Easter? While decorating your home is a great idea, you should not miss this craft of making Easter bunny lollipop sweet gift. This project is a simple yet fun craft to do with your kids. The final results of the craft can even be a sweet gift to those paying a visit to you in Easter celebration. Here is how to make it:


  • Lollipops or suckers (you may need to consider the type of the lollipops you are using. In this example, reddish pink lollipops are chosen. Also, the lollipops that are used in the example are the ones with transparent wrapping plastic).
  • White and pink craft foam
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some foam balls (each lollipop needs one foam ball)


Step 1: Grab your lollipops and the foam balls. Insert each foam ball into each of the lollipops. In this example, the foam balls that are used are in white color. You can always choose other colors for the foam balls. You can even paint the foam balls. Yet make sure that the color of your foam balls suit the other colors you are using for the craft (the color of the foam paper and other decorative accessories). To secure the position of the foam balls, you can apply some glue. Make sure the glue remains invisible so that the overall look of the lollipop will be clean.

Step 2: Now grab your pencil and the foam papers. In this step, you need to draw the bunny’s body parts on the foam papers. First, grab the white foam paper and draw the outer parts of the bunny’s ears and also the feet of the bunny in form of circle. Then grab the pink foam paper and now draw the inner part of the bunny’s ears. In drawing them, make sure you don’t draw them too big so that the cut outs later can fit the size of the lollipops.

Step 3: Grab a pair of scissors and cut all the sketches you made. In cutting it, make sure you don’t leave any pencil traces on the cut outs. If there is any, clean them so that the final result will be clean and tidy.

Step 4: Now take your glue and the cut outs of the bunny’s ears. Now stick the inner part of the bunny’s ears (from the pink foam paper) to the outer ones (from the white foam paper). Apply some glue to stick them and let them dry for a while. Check the following picture to see how it is done.

Step 5: Next, work with the bunny’s feet. Stick the cut outs of the bunny’s feet on the red lollipops using glue. After that, stick the cut outs of the bunny’s ears to the white foam ball. Let them dry. Now, you can make the lollipops stand.

Step 6: Now get your decorative pens. You will need to prepare various decorative pens both in size and also in color. The decorative pens are used to make the face of the bunny. Draw the bunny’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, moustaches, and teeth. Use your creativity to work with the colors. See the following picture to see the example.

Step 7: Your Easter bunny lollipops sweet gifts are ready! You can place them on a plate and add some other decorations. You now have sweet gifts for the beloved ones celebrating Easter with you.

Isn’t is simple to make? Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome your beloved people in your upcoming Easter celebration with this Easter bunny lollipops sweet gifts!