Are you thinking of giving your lovelies special gifts? Why don’t you try to make a handmade gift? Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea of what to make. Here we present you with a complete tutorial on how to make DIY glitter globe. This craft can server many functions: as a gift, as a decorative item, and also stress reliever.


  • A medium-sized jar with a lid
  • Super glue
  • Gold glitters (one tube)
  • Any decoration to be attached inside the jar (for example: a mushroom miniature)

The steps:

  • Prepare all the materials that you need.
  • Take your jar lid and apply some glue to the inside part of it.
  • After that, stick down your decoration or miniature using the super glue. Here, mushroom miniature is used. You can choose any decoration that you like. Make sure that nothing interferes the grooves so that the jar can be closed fully. You can also glue glitter to the bottom of the decoration. Besides, make sure you apply enough glue so that the miniature can stick perfectly to the lid of the jar.
  • Next, prepare the snow globe. Fill your jar with water. But, don’t fill it full; just make it up to ¾ of the way full. After that, add some glue and shake the jar. Then, add the glitter and shake the jar again. The more the glue you add, the longer the time the glitter take to fall. Using the whole bottle of the glue is recommended.
  • For this step, you actually have two choices of glue to use that will create different effect to the jar. If you want to use clear glue, apply the glue as instructed above. Meanwhile, you can also use glitter glue. If you prefer this kind of glue, mix it first with a very hot water in a bowl. If needed, boil the water before mixing it with the glue. If the water is not hot enough, the glue will not work well.
  • Next, apply some glue on the lid of the jar and then put the lid on the jar.
  • Your glitter globe is now complete and ready to entertain you! You can use this glitter globe to release your feeling of upset, frustrated, upset, or anxious. Just simply shake the jar vigorously to have an expressive release activity. After finish shaking the jar, set the jar down and see how the glitter falls.