Are you looking for a cute and simple craft for a centerpiece of your room? Well, that means you have to try to make this DIY galaxy in a jar! Not only is this DIY project easy, it is also cheap. Moreover, you can use the result of this DIY Project as a gift to your friends. Let’s find out how to make one!


  • Silver glitter
  • Holo stars
  • Cotton
  • Mason Jar
  • Acrylic paints (purple, three different blues)
  • Some containers to mix the paints
  • A wood stick
  • Water
  • A chalkboard tape (to write a quote)

The Steps:

  • Prepare four containers and fill them with water.
  • Add some paint to your water, one color for each container.
  • Mix the water and the paint using the wood stick. Add more paint if you want to make the shade darker.
  • Fill the bottom of the jar with the cotton. The amount of cotton filled depends on how many colors you want your galaxy to be. Imagine in your mind about dividing the jar into some spaces you will need for each color of the galaxy.
  • Next, add the silver glitter to the top of the cotton and sprinkle the holo stars on the top of the glitter and the cotton.
  • Next, choose one shade of water that you already painted and then pout it slowly to the jar. Do the pouring little by little. If you think you poured too much water, just add more cotton to the jar.
  • Before adding the next shade, add more cotton to the top of the first cotton layer that’s already colored. Then, repeat the same steps with the rest of the colors (add glitter, sprinkle stars, pours the shade of water). Repeat the process until you are done with all the galaxy colors and until the jar is full.
  • After you are done with all the shades and before you close the jar, move the glitters inside the jar a little bit using a wood stick. You can also a little bit press down the cotton to mix the colors to create a perfect galaxy.
  • Next, close your jar tightly by putting back the lid.
  • Your galaxy jar is ready! If you want, you can add some quotes to your galaxy jar to make it more personal. Write the quote on a chalkboard tape or you can use any paper that you want. Once you already write the quote on the chalkboard tape, make a hole on the top part of it, tie a thread, and tie it to the neck of the jar.