Have your ever found Flora Craft ® Make It: Fun ® Foam Cones in a shop? Have you wondered what you can make with them? Well, you can make a DIY Foam Lighthouse. Bring a new kind of lights to your home with your handmade craft. Are you ready to make one? Be ready with what this foam lighthouse can do to your room!


  • Paint
  • FloraCraft ® Make It: Fun ® Foam Cones
  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Cutter
  • Flora Craft Smooth Finish ®
  • Mini Baby food jars
  • Tea Lights
  • Glue

The steps:

  • First, gather all the supplies that you need for this craft. Look at the picture below to check yours.
  • Get your foam cones and apply FloraCraft Smooth Finish ® to it. You can apply it with your fingers (yes, as simple as that). Then, let it dry for about four hours. After that, when the cones are dry, lightly sand them down.
  • Next, paint the foam cones in white.
  • Next, cut the top of the foam cones off. Make sure that the foam cones will have the same size as the baby food jar lid. Simply cut the top off with the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun®. It is super easy to use.
  • The next step will be painting lines on the cone. Well, it is absolutely not easy, but you can get a help from a rubber band. Find rubber bands that will fit the size of the bottom and the top side of the cones. Find the large ones for the top and the smaller ones for the bottom. After that, paint the lines.
  • Next, add doors and windows to the cones. Start it with painting windows in black paint. Let it dry before you add white lines to the windows.
  • Then, add the lights! Take your baby foods jars and paint the lids so they can match the lighthouse. Once the paint dries, apply tacky glue before attaching the lids to the top of the foam cones.
  • Finally, add tea lights inside the baby food jars. After that, you are ready to display them!
  • When displaying them, you can additional decorative items to make your lighthouse more stunning. In the picture, a beachy wreath is added behind where the lighthouses are displayed. You can also choose a room whose themes can go along well with the colors of the jars.