Some people may have forgotten monograms. Yet, it has made a come-back in last few years. Let’s take a part in bringing monogram back to art! In this DIY project, you will combine two things: monograms itself and flowers. Follow the instruction below and be ready to bloom your faux flower monogram for your summer and spring.


  • Faux flowers
  • Foam board
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (+glue)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

The steps:

  • Take your faux flowers and remove the faux stems from them. Then, put all the flowers all together.
  • Then, cut off the little plastic knobs of the flower. Cut it as close as to the petals to ease the gluing later.
  • Now, opt any letter that you like. In this example, the letter used is “T”. After getting the letter that you like, try to sketch the letter on the foam board. If you are detail-oriented, you can measure the size of the sketch.
  • Once you are done sketching, cut it off with a ruler and a utility knife to get straight edges. However, use scissors instead for any curved parts. If you think the edges of your cutting are not perfect, you better not worry. They will soon be covered up.
  • Next, get your glue gun ready. Now is the time for you to attach the flowers to the letter. Start this step by placing larger flowers first. The smaller flowers can be used easily to fill in small gaps. To make the process goes faster, don’t plan too much. Just go with it and review the result and make any necessary change. The imperfect edges from your cutting will slowly be covered up with the flowers. One more tip for this step: try to apply the glue to the foam board instead of to the flowers as you will likely burn your hands.
  • Once you already cover all the letter’s surface up, you can see this kind of result:
  • You can just hang it on the wall or put an empty frame around it to make it more stand out. It can work both with and without frame.

You can surely make any improvisation in the way you make this faux flower monogram, be it in size, the number of the letters, the combination of flower’s colors, and other details. So, are you ready to make your own? Let me know if you do!