Let’s get ready to welcome the festive season by decorating our house and making Christmas decorations! If you have no idea of what to make, you can make this Christmas tree from aromatic spices sachet. Not only is it simple, it’s also cute and fun. Here is the list of the supplies you need to make the craft along with the steps on how to make them:


  • A pair of scissors
  • Yarn and or ribbon in various colors and patterns
  • Whole cloves
  • Star anise pod
  • Cinnamon sticks (the number of it depends on how many Christmas tree you want to make)
  • Cotton
  • Fabrics in many colors depends on your designs and preference (because it is for Christmas, it is recommended to prepare green and red fabrics)


Step 1. Prepare all the materials. After you make sure all you need are ready, grab your red and green fabrics. In this step, you need to make cut outs of triangles to imitate the form of Christmas tree. Start making it by drawing triangles on the fabrics. The size of the triangles depends on your preference. However, make sure you match the size of it to the size of the cinnamon sticks you have. After drawing some triangles on the fabrics, cut them using your scissors. Make enough cut outs here as one Christmas tree requires two cut outs.

Step 2. Next, grab the triangle cut outs, attach them, and sew them. Sew them at every side of the triangle and leave some centimeters unsewed. That part will be the place to which you need to insert the cinnamon stick. Repeat the sewing to other triangles. Once you are finishing sewing them, draw some lines on the triangles to indicate the positions of the decorative ribbons or yarn you are sewing later on. Look at the picture to check whether you have done it correctly.

Step 3. Get your decorative ribbons and or yarns and sew them on the triangles. Make sure you use decorative ribbons in various colors, patterns, and size to make your Christmas tree colorful and fun. Continue decorating on other triangles.

Step 4. In this step, you will have had decorated triangle pouches. Look at the following picture to see whether you have done it correctly. Remember to always keep some centimeters of the triangle unsewed so that you can insert all the spices, cotton, and cinnamon stick to the triangle pouches.

Step 5. It is the time to load the triangles pouches. Load the pouches with all the spices (the star anise pod and the whole cloves) and also the cotton. The amount of spices and cotton loaded to the pouches depend on the size of your triangle pouches.

Step 6. Finally, insert the cinnamon stick. After that, sew the area around where you insert the cinnamon stick so that it is secured at its place. Repeat this step to every triangle pouch. After sewing, you Christmas trees are ready to use!

Aren’t they cute? The smell from the spices inside the Christmas tree is also great and soothing. Place your Christmas tree in a place you usually spend your spare time most and enjoy the colorful, relaxing, and cute Christmas trees!