Here is another simple yet easy decoration that you can make with your kids to welcome the Christmas Day. This stunning decoration is a homemade decoration made for the serviette on the form of Santa Clause attached on a colorful plate. This project can surely brighten up your Christmas feast on the Christmas Eve celebration.


Before moving into the simple tutorials, you can firstly prepare the materials and tools. Basically, the decoration is made of cheap materials and the result is amazingly wonderful. Your kids can do all the steps easily while you are giving the instructions. The supplies that you need to gather are:

  • Pencil
  • Colorful construction papers (white, green, red)
  • Paper glue
  • Cornflake beams
  • Scissors
  • Paper napkin
  • Measuring ruler
  • Plastic or melamine plate
  • Small googly eyes

Step 1. For your kids’ activities, you can help them making this DIY Christmas decoration table setting by drawing the details of Santa Clause face, such as mustache, hat, face and so on. You can draw the templates on a piece of drawing paper. After all templates ready, cut them one by one using the scissors.

Step 2. Ask your kids to paste each template on the construction paper. For the hat template, use the red and white construction papers. Use the white construction paper for the mustache. While for the face, use the soft pink one. After the templates are being pasted on the construction papers, ask your kids to cut them using the scissors.

Step 3. Glue the templates altogether. First, glue the bottom circling part of the face with the paper glue. Then, attach the white mustache on the bottom part of the face. Let them set for awhile to dry.

Step 4. Then, glue the top circling part of the face to attach the hat. First, attach the red triangle on the top part of the hat. After this part is dry, glue the white part of the hat and attach it on the bottom part of the hat. Let them all dry for awhile.

Step 5. To make it look like the Santa Clause face, you can add some decorations. Take the small googly eyes and attach each of them on the face. Then, make small circle from the construction paper to make the nose. Take some cornflakes to decorate the Santa Clause face as seen in the picture. Don’t forget to make the mouth and glue the top part of the mouth on the back of the Santa’s face. This mouth will be used to insert the paper napkin later on.

Step 6. For the serviette, take one piece of paper napkin. Fold the napkin as shown in the picture.

Step 7. Then, insert the top pointed part of the napkin on the back of Santa Clause face. To attach it, insert the paper napkin between the layer of the face and mouth with the folding side facing upwards.

Step 8. Tada! Your Christmas decoration for the table setting is ready!

Step 9. Take the plate as you will place tour serviette on it. Put the plate on the dining table. To make it more enjoyable, you can also decorate your dining table. You can place some little branches at one edge of the table to suit the theme of the table setting. For the fork and knife, you can also place them on the decorated pocket just like Santa Clause wardrobe.

Easy to make, isn’t it? With the simple tutorials and supplies, you and your kids can create such beautiful serviette together. Now, you and your family are ready to enjoy the delighted food on the Christmas Eve. Enjoy!