Go train your creativity and have some fun with this DIY project called canvas string art graffiti. This project suit both adults and kids. While the steps are simple, the materials are pretty easy to find. Just in case you want your kids to help you with the making, you can use alternative paints instead of spray paint. Find out the steps below:


  • Canvas (you can use any size of the canvas. In this example, the canvas used is in 8 x 10 size)
  • Masking tape
  • Spray paints in many colors (here, the colors are pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string
  • Mask to cover your face when spraying the paints
  • Cardboard or plastic to use as a ‘drop cloth’.

The Steps:

  1. Flip over your canvas and tape one of the yarn’s ends on the back side of the canvas using the masking tape. After that, wrap your canvas using the yarn in a random pattern. Do it horizontally and vertically until you get the graffiti pattern that you like. To keep the yarn at its place, you can tape the yard near the corners. But, make sure you tape the yarns on the back side of the canvas, not on the front side.
  1. Once you are done wrapping the canvas, place it front side up on a cardboard or plastic. Bring it to a well ventilated area or simply to outdoors. Then, wear your mask and spray the canvas using the spray paints. Spray the yellow paint to the upper part of the canvas then continue with light blue. Then, spray the purple or dark blue to the bottom left corner of the canvas and the pink paint on the other bottom corner. You can actually use other paint colors, just choose the ones of your choice. When spraying them, you don’t need any exact border between two colors. Let them mingle with each other. Once you are done spraying all the colors and covering all the canvas part, let the canvas dry for about 3 hours.
  1. Once it dries, cut the string off. Then, remove the masking tape from the back of the canvas. Your canvas string art graffiti is now ready to decorate your room!

This is indeed super easy. The next time you make another canvas string art, you may try a certain theme of colors like pastel or dark colors. You can choose the set of the colors based on which room you want to decorate it with this art.