When the thanksgiving is on its way, you and your kids can start making some homemade decoration or souvenir to welcome this special day. If you have the plan to invite your relatives or friends to celebrate the thanksgiving through special thanksgiving dinner, you can ask your kids to make this handmade turkey paper as the souvenir dedicated for your guests.


Don’t worry! This handmade turkey paper is very easy and quick to make. Your kids will love it, too as they can use their imagination and creativity to make such amazing souvenir for celebrating the Thanksgiving Day. This project also doesn’t require much money to make. Thus, to complete this DIY turkey paper, you need to prepare the following supplies:

  • Colorful craft papers
  • Paper glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Various sizes of googly eyes
  • The template of turkey trunk

Step 1. After all materials and tools are ready, you and your kid can start making this handmade turkey paper. First thing to do is to make the turkey trunk. Take one piece of the craft paper and place it on the table. Then, take the turkey trunk template and put it on to the craft paper. Draw the turkey trunk out of it using the pencil. Your kid can easily do this step by him/herself.

Step 2. When the drawing of the turkey trunk is ready, the next step is to cut out of the drawing. Take the scissors and cut the craft paper slowly to maintain the shape of the turkey trunk based on its drawing lines.

Step 3. If the turkey trunk is ready, you can decorate it to attach some details on to the turkey trunk shape. Make the nose, mouth and feet out of craft papers. Attach each part of the details on the turkey trunk. Glue each detail and leave it set for awhile. Add the details by attaching two small googly eyes using the glue. Tada! The turkey trunk is ready.

Step 4. Now, you have to make the tails for your turkey trunk. Take three pieces of the craft papers and make sure that these three papers have different sizes. Let’s deal with the smallest paper first. Fold the paper just like what is shown in the picture. Keep folding the paper until all part of the paper is folded.

Step 5. After the paper is completely folded, hold the center of the paper and fold it like a paper fan. Glue the edge of inner parts of the fan. Leave the glue to set.

Step 6. Repeat step no.4 and 5 for the other two craft papers. Don’t forget to glue the edge of the inner parts of the fan. The result of the fan is as shown in the picture. Make some necessary adjustments if needed. Now, you have three colorful layers of the turkey trunk tails.

Step 7. The last step is to attach all three fans into the back side of the turkey trunk to resemble its beautiful tails. Make sure to place the smaller tail in front. Before being attached into the back side of the turkey trunk, you can firstly attach these three tails altogether. After the glue is dry, you can attach the tails into the back side of the turkey trunk using the glue. Let the glue to dry. Yes, your turkey paper for your Thanksgiving souvenir is ready!

You can start making another Turkey paper as the numbers of your dinner guests. This quirky souvenir can be such memorable souvenir to give out in such a wonderful celebration. It is not such a bad idea, is it? So, have fun!