Fidget spinner seems to be so popular these days, and making this DIY version is actually pretty fun. Your kids get to make something similar at home, and it doesn’t hurt your wallet when it is broke or lost.


  • 2 of 1 penny coins (2 of a quarter coins in US)
  • Toothpick
  • Cardboards, this project uses pretty cards, old party hat, and cereal boxes
  • Homemade fidget spinner template
  • Scissors
  • A pin
  • Strong PVA glue
  • Glue stick

The Making Steps

1First, we are going to need a template. If you create your own template like in this project, draw for one side only and make sure it fits well for the coins, and then fold the paper and cut following the shape for symmetrical shape. Once you get your template, use it to mark on the cardboards you want to use. Make multiple shapes at once will be great, and cut a pair for each cardboard. Once you are done cutting, attach each pair with glue. Trim the edge for consistent shape.

2Now, take the pin as we’re going to make a tiny hole at the center. Fold you template vertically and horizontally in the middle, and you’ll find the center. Use your template to make the center hole and puncture using the pin. Use the tip of your scissor to enlarge the hole. Make sure you cardboards can spin when the toothpick is in. When the cardboards are ready, attach the coin using super strong glue like the PVC glue. Each coin is placed on one end of the spinner.

3Now, let’s take another cardboard and cut two circles. You can use a coin for measurement. Make a hole in the middle on the circle and insert the toothpick to the end. Make sure it doesn’t lose. Glue the tip so the toothpick doesn’t go through. Now, insert the toothpick to the spinner and push so the circle is close enough to the spinner. Insert the other circle on the other end and push so it is close to the spinner as well. Now, using a wire cutter, cut the toothpick with a long tail. Cut it close enough to the circle.

Basically, your fidget spinner is ready. You can add a layer of paper on both the middle circles to smooth things up. If you use thick enough paper, this may also prevent you from getting hurt from the toothpick prick.