If you are wondering how to kill your boring situation, marbled paper is the answer. It is the simple way which require low budget but it has a good result. You do need to be a skilful person because it require simple ways to do. It is memorable activities which will gain a positive effect. So, we will provide step-by-step instruction to make the marbling paper.

What You Need

  • Droppers
  • Shaving Cream, we suggest to buy product from FOAM
  • Stir stick, you can use the bottom of a paint brush
  • Liquid Watercolour paint or you can use food colouring
  • Card Stock or you can use poster board which cut into smaller pieces
  • Scrapper
  • Shallow baking dish

The Making Steps

  • Prepare all your materials and make sure that you do not miss any single material. Then, spray a layer of shaving cream. It occurs to cover the bottom of baking dish. Do not forget to use a dropper on top of the shaving cream .which will add drops of liquid water colour. For your information, you are able to use watered-down food colouring. Moreover, you can use other paints like craft acrylic but the result of the colour will be different. You can explore with other colours. Do not be afraid to create a colourful product. Colour will dominance the result, the beauty is how you beautify the colour.
  • Then, it is time to use the stick, the bottom of a paint brush. The stick is used to stir the paint and create a marbled effect.
  • Use your card stock or a smaller cut poster into the paint covered shaving cream and presses it. We suggest you to press it gently.
  • Lift up the small cut poster or the card stock. You will see that the stock card has a same colour with the shaving cream.
  • Next, your cardboard is used to scrape off the shaving cream. Do not be surprised when you see the stunning marbled paper. The last step is to dry the marbled paper. You can hang on the shoe rack or hairdryer.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? You will kill your boring time efficiently or at least  you will be productive. Something for sure is that you do not need to spend much money to buy it. Because Christmas is getting closer, you can use marbled paper to decorate your Christmas tree or give it your dearest one.