Who could resists flower card gift? It never gets too old and will always be one of the sweetest present to the loved ones. The gift would be more special when it is made by children’s hands. With the proper guidelines, the flower card project is more than possible to do.


  • a set of colored construction paper
  • a scissors
  • a pencil
  • a bottle of paper glue
  • a ruler
  • a set of colorful marker


Step 1.

Make the fan stem. Take one construction paper of any color. Using the pencil and the ruler, make two or three centimeter lines on the back of the paper. If you are working with kids under five years old, it will be better to make the lines bigger. Guide the kids to fold the paper by following the pattern. Make sure they fold it nicely. If they make a mess, ask them to repeat the folding process.

Step 2.

Fold the paper in a half. Before folding the paper, you have to make it compact by pressing it. Use ruler to mark the middle part of the paper. Put the paper horizontally and the ruler vertically on the middle part of the paper. Ask the kids to bring both ends of the paper together. Apply gentle pressure to the ruler. Slowly remove the ruler from the paper. Now you get a fan shaped paper.

Step 3.

Make the leaves pattern. Take one construction paper. Make sure it has different color from the previous paper. Using pencil, draw a simple leaves pattern. It would take two curvy lines on the right and left side. Try to make each pattern has equal size. This process could be done together with the kids. However, you might not want to leave them alone, since they might make a doodle instead. Supervise what they do.

Step 4.

Cut the patterns. For this process, it is not suggested to let the children get involved. The sharp side of scissors are dangerous for kids. Don’t forget to count the number of flower patterns. You will need at least fifteen cuts for one fan shaped paper. However, you should make at least twenty of them for backups. It will be even more beautiful if you have two or three color variation for the flower.

Step 5.

Make the flower. One flower needs three leaves shaped paper. Apply glue on the back side of the paper, only on the left side. This way, there is less chance to glue leaking. No need to apply thick layer, a thin one is enough. Then put it on another paper leave. The bottom should be attached together. Repeat the process with the third leave paper. Then, repeat the process to make the other four flowers.

Step 6.

Decorate the flower. It is time to make the flower decoration a little bit fancy. Take a marker of the similar tone from the pack. Draw outer lines on the flower, then add more lines at the bottom. It makes a 3D effect to the item. The children can help you in this process. Forgive them if the lines are not as pretty as yours. The messy doodle will be the mark of the children’s work, instead.

Step 7.

Attach the flower to the stem. It is time to finish the flower decoration. First, glue the folded paper together. Apply glue on the middle side. Allow to dry. Then, apply glue only on the bottom of the flower. Don’t forget to apply on the back side. Put it on the fan shaped paper. The crown of the paper is not attached to the stem. Refer to the picture below for the final product.