Christmas is coming soon. What have you planned to celebrate it? Christmas tree is a must, isn’t it? But how if there is no enough budget to buy one from the store? Don’t worry! Why not making the trees? You only need craft papers and other simple supplies and tools. Here is how to make 3D Christmas tree just from paper:


  • Craft papers (you will need to buy the papers in three different shades of green: darker green, lighter green, and the lightest one)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A white colored pencil
  • A ruler


Step 1. To begin making the Christmas tree, take the paper one by one and fold the paper in half. To really get tidy and perfect tree, you need to fold each piece of paper precisely. Do the folding to all the papers that you want to turn into Christmas tree.

Step 2. Next, draw the silhouette of the Christmas tree. Draw it using your white colored pen. You can draw any kind of silhouette of a Christmas tree. In the example shown in the picture below, the silhouette of the Christmas tree chosen is the one with a star on top of the tree. In drawing the silhouette, don’t forget to draw some horizontal lines in the body of the Christmas tree silhouette.

You can definitely choose and then draw other kinds of Christmas tree. You can even draw different kinds of Christmas tree silhouette on every paper you have. Even more, you can try making silhouette of Christmas tree in different sizes. Just simply work with your creativity in this step.

Another thing to remember when drawing the silhouette is to make sure you draw it cleanly and tidily. Otherwise, you will make any unnecessary stain on your green papers.

Step 3.  Next, grab a pair of scissors. Start cutting the silhouette of the Christmas tree. Cut the outer line of the Christmas tree silhouette and also all the horizontal lines you made previously.  In cutting the horizontal lines, make sure you don’t cut across the tree.

To see how the cutting is supposed to be done, take a look at the picture below. After cutting the silhouette, you may see the white left over from the white colored pencil you used to draw the Christmas tree silhouette. You don’t need to erase it, Just let the white color there.

Step 4. The next step is bending time. Now that you already have the horizontal lines cut, you need to bend the strips. Bend each strip of the Christmas tree to the opposite directions. Remember that you have to bend the strips carefully and slowly as the strips are somewhat thin and easy to be torn.  Even one strip is torn, you need to make a new one all the way from the beginning.

Step 5. Your Christmas tree is now done!  Now that you already know how to make one, you can make other Christmas trees using craft papers in different colors and using different silhouette. The Christmas is as easy as that. You don’t need to add any more decorations on your paper Christmas tree.

However, you can always give more spaces to your creativity to work. You can decorate it as you want by adding colors or other details. After you complete all the steps in making the Christmas tree, you can hang the tree or simply put it on your favorite table.

See? You only need paper and your creativity. Not only is the craft easy and fun to make, it is also a great to do with your children. Prepare this favorite festive season of the year with your children by making this 3D Christmas tree from paper!