Adem Potaş is probably one of the most popular watercolor painters who are able to paint delicate landscape painting that actually glows. His masterpieces always feature details like cropped composition in perfect portion, blended colors in beautiful finish, and intricate brushstrokes. The following pieces are among the best of his works.

  1. The Dramatic Sunset

It is too bad that we rarely know the name of the painting, but this one is clearly about the sunset. The light lines are the main focal point of the painting, yes not a solid object this time. The majority of redness in the painting isn’t felt painful in the eyes. In contrary, it looks so stunning that it makes the entire other objects even more dramatic than it was.

  1. Cloudy Dawn

This painting is finished mostly in purple, gray, blue, and some white strokes here and there to soften the painting look. It displays a blowing wind, big enough to shift the sand. The dramatic view on the background looks haunting while it totally delivers mystery in all of its aspects. So pretty.

  1. The Quite Swarm

This painting pictures a swarm with a short path on it to go to the middle part. The pink leaves creative contrastive effect, while the view on the background looks melancholic. It feels airy and lonesome at the same time while it is also very inviting. This looks like a scene in a movie with tragically beautiful ending.

  1. The Bonfire

This is a scene in the woods with several gentlemen are gathering around the bonfire. The saturation between the fire, the forest color, and the sky on the background is breathtaking. It makes us wonder if those are a bunch of campers or hunters. While it looks warm, the painting shows the best view for a chill night.

  1. Dawn at the Desert

This painting looks so warm while it looks lonesome at the same time. It features only hills of sand with some desert plants on it. The wind is clearly blowing, and the sky is turning at the moment. There is nothing else but the sounds of the wind and the blow of the sand. This is beautiful and frightening at the same time. Potaş clearly knows how to play with colors and effect in this painting.

These paintings are among the best if we should see on the details and final look. Each painting speaks and sounds while it displays unbelievable beauty in the most realistic way. Totally worth to exhibit.